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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This Tutorial will show you how to Create PROV on your Computer in less than 2 Mins

==> Before this can be done, You must have the Raw File of any PROV file you wish to Edit....Dont Edit MTN prov to Zain and dont Edit Zain prov to Etisalat.

EXPLANATION:What i mean is that if you want to edit a Zain Prov you must have the Raw file for Zain and not that you have to edit MTN prov to Zain prov. How to know Raw file, Raw file are the file you download from Myprov back then, after downloading it on your Phone, Send it to your Pc for Editing. You can also download them to your Pc directly. I advice you to download 3 different type i.e 1 for zain, 1 for Mtn and 1 for Etisalat...ok?
Now Locate the PROV you wish to change it IP or edit, Right click on it and click on OPEN WITH > NOTEPAD..if Notpad is not on the List, You have to click on Choose Program and locate Notepad, Then click Ok!
[Notepad come with all Pc, even if you Format your Pc, Notepad is still intact]

That is the IP selected in Blue interface, You have to change the Ip to any New Ip you want to use. After editing you have to save it by pressing Ctrl + S or by clicking on File > Save....Then close the Notepad. Locate the prov file you have just edited and Right click on it, then click on Rename. Rename it to the New Ip you have just inserted into the File. e.g Zain
NOTE: The IP must always Round up into 3 unit per dot eg. must be written as Then send the Prov to a China Phone, Sony Ericcson and send it back to your Own Phone.

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