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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is only applicable to people without 3G
network in their arena but gprs and E-gprs
If there is 3G network on your phone
pls neglect this post coz it won't work.
Firstly i'll like to give you the kind of phone
that the software works with.It's only
applicable to Nokia symbian phone
S60v3(All) and S60v2 (6680 only).
Before u can use this software on s60v3 ur
phone must be hacked or get ur phone
certificate using xstevedor and use free
signer to sign the software.
For S60v3 the name of the software is
"Fieldtest"(Nokia netmonitor) and for s60v2
is "3G booster" .
You can get filedtest from www.4shared.com
and you can get 3G booster from

Both have an ant icon.
Note:pls read it carefully before you make
your comment.
Must read:whenever your phone is not in
3G network area,ur phone start changing
network mast from on to the other coz u
are surrounded by many mast.U'll notice
that your "G" or "=" will change to "E".Most
times the E is not stable but it has the best
browsing n dowloading speed after 3G lets
assume is 2.5G.This software will make the
E  stay on ur phone till u're done with
browsing.After the use of the software u
must restart ur phone coz ur phone might
not get network wen u're too far from the
mast u are on, so download restarter
software for ur phone instead of switch it
of n.restarting will conserve ur battery from
droping bar cos ur phone will make only
second booting.This software i'm talking
about has no side effect so don't panic.
                =>HOW TO USE<=
Open n use will see FTD 01.01 at the top
right hand side.If u press down on  your
joystick(N73) the FTD 01.01 will change to
FTD 01.02.Now what u need is to press ur
down botton twice(2x) =>FTD 01.03 .The is
what u will see
           Common FTD 01.03
Serving cell info
Now get a pen and a notepad and start to
record numbers under  "CH" downward till
ur FTD is 01.05 i.e record CH from FTD 01.03-
FTD 01.05.pls record numbers under CH only
downard to FTD01.05.The numbers will be
changing, don't worry,keep recording the
number u saw n don't record a number
After u'v recorded the number, press down
botton to FTD 01.12.Press "options" then
execute.u will see a space provide,now start
inputing the number that u've recorded not
at once but one by one.whenever u input a
number,press ok,press the menu botton of
ur phone to minimise the application,lunch
ur browser and test the speed or try to
download something.If it is not that
fast,hold ur phone menu botton to resume
back the software input another number
from ur recordings and go back to ur
browser to test for speed.when u've test all
the numbers,u'll surely see the on with a
very good.Whenever u press ok,the
network of your phone will go and come
back which means u've switch ur
network.After u've found the one that u
like,exit the application and continue with
ur browsing big time and don't forget to
restart ur phone.The mast u switch to may
not have a strong network,find a way to
make the network full by locating a region
around u that makes the network to be

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  1. how to use in my 5233 5233 handset..