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Friday, February 5, 2016

Amazing recovery story of a little girl who weighed 650g at birth(Photos)

Read this amazing recovery story posted by Opeoluwa Abitoye on Instagram.

"So about 5 years ago, my boss at the time was pregnant with her 2nd child, she was about 2sthg weeks gone then we had a meeting in one of our branches. After the meeting, another boss of mine which was her friend noticed her extra swollen feet and thought she had to go to d hospital immediately. 

We headed to the Abuja National Hospital immediately...there and then they had to wheel her in for immediate CS and then the picture left below came out, she was 650g...The doctor said she wouldn't have survived if they didn't bring her at that time, She had severe eclampsia!!! 

Fast forward, She's 5 today guys! Hale, hearty, smart, healthy...who says God does not exist!!! You think are in the worst state now? Trust me, my boss was most likely more devastated than you. I'm talking too much...I'll just like to say, don't give up on whatever it is!!! Things will work out just fine"

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