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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Female police corporal fights dirty in public(Photos)

A police female corporal (Anyaisi Isioma) was spotted today throwing punch to a market woman at DSC express junction, close to warri in Delta State.

According to eyewitness:

“It started when the police corporal(Isioma Anyaisi)arrested the Keke Napap rider i boarded from Enerhen Junction for wrong parking when we got to express junction, she requested for financial settlement from the Keke rider, after long time plea by the Keke rider for a reduced amount without result, i responded by pleading on behalf of the rider still my plea fell on deaf ear. 

The police Corporal got angry and threw my goods i went to buy that was inside the Keke away,which got me upset and i asked why she had to throw my goods away,
She angrily pushed me away from the Keke and started raining both abuses and punch on me.
If not for the intervention of bystanders, market men and women around, it would have been a different story” she said.

More pictures after the cut:

The Inspector general of Police should as a matter of urgency transfer her to Maiduguri ....lolz

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