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Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Increase the Internal Space of your Memory Card

This trick teaches how you can increase your Memory/SDcard for example 1gb to 2gb or 2gb to 4gb

This tutorial works great on Memory card of 1gb and 2gb

* 1GB or 2GB Memory/SD card
* Increase Internal Space of Memory Card Toolkit
Download it here:-http://www.datafilehost.com/d/c0a458d2

Lets get started
How to convert 1GB or 2GB Memory/SD card to 4GB?
I'll advice you to take a backup of your Sd card before applying this method (its recommended)
Extract increase internal space of memory Card Toolkit you downloaded.
Now insert your 1GB or 2GB Memory Card/SD card in your computer using card reader or adapter.

Open Drive Increaser.bat file from extracted folder.

After, the script will open, it will ask you to name the SD/Memory Card. I used dele for mine you can use any name you wish and after entering the name, hit enter.

Now enter your Drives letter and if you don't know your Memory Card/SD card's letter, then goto My Computer and check it. Here you will see your C drive along with many drives and you will also find your Memory Card/SD card's, So see its letter, for example because it very important to be careful while entering your drive name. Like My drive's name is F:
Again enter your drive name. be careful while entering the drives name its very important!
Wait because the script will do the rest of the work by itself. it takes 2-10 minutes or maybe more depend.

When its done then you will see your Memory Card/SD card internal space and if it is 4GB then you are good to go and in the same way if your Memory Card/SD card's internal storage have not increased then that means things didn't go well for you
If it increased then you have converted your Memory Card/SD card's internal storage.

Note again: works mostly on 1GB or 2GB SD/Memory card...and don't try using this trick on your android internal memory if you do.............On Your Own(oyo)

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