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Monday, February 29, 2016

Tutorials:How to Increase Your Android Phone/Tablet Battery Life

Imagine you are on a business call on your android phone and all of a sudden your battery signals “LOW BATTERY, PLEASE CONNECT A CHARGER”. 

You ignore such a message and as the call progresses, your android phone switches off. Of course, you will feel angry.

In a country like Nigeria where electricity is not stable, no one likes to hear the sound of low battery signal on an Android Phone or Tablet especially when you are on an important call or want to browse the internet for vital information.
Below are:

Ways To Increase Android Phone Battery Life

1. Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not in use. Do not allow them run in the background
2. Use the Auto Brightness Feature in the display settings. Increasing the display is the major culprit that can deplete your Android phone battery quickly.
3. Avoid using your camera often as the camera is another culprit that drains the battery life on an android phone or tablet.
4. Reduce the use of 3G or 4G but use Dual mode for network selection to switch between 2G/3G. Although 4G/3G is faster for browsing the internet, it drains the phone battery quickly. You can use 2G for better battery performance.
5. Stacking your android phones with unnecessary apps that you don’t use. People often tend to download unused apps from Google play store. This apps run in the background and drains both your data and your battery. So, delete and avoid using unwanted apps in your android phone.
6. Play music mostly through your headset of the phone. If you are a music freak, you would have to minimize the way you play your music via the loudspeaker. Although, playing music via loudspeaker (depends on the type of android) does not drain the battery per say, the main thing is to get more from a single charge.
7.If you love playing games, I guess its time to reduce the way you play such games if you want your android phone battery to last longer.
8. Avoid overcharging the battery. It spoils the battery. Charge when it gets to 25% or more.
9. Use the phone for its intended purpose.
10. Discharge and recharge your Android phone battery twice in a month from zero to hundred percent.
11. Restrict background data and stop automatic on your phone for internet hungry applications to save both data and battery life.
12. Update your phone software that might help fix some bugs in the Android phone.
13. Avoid using generator sets to charge your phone.

I hope this helps!!!!!!

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  1. Yeah it's very cool, the above mentioned consume lots of battery