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Sunday, March 6, 2016

18-Year-Old SS2 Girl Runs Away From Enugu, Only To Be Found Pregnant In Lagos

Chidinma, who ran away from home 4 months ago, was already 3 months pregnant by the time detectives from Festac Police Station,
picked her at Diamond bank, Festac, Amuwo- Odofin, where she went to cash some money. Her lover is one 21-year-old Idris Umar, an aspiring musician, but presently a hairstylist. .
The police reveal that Umar may be charged with abduction and rape. Chidinma said she would have gone back home, but she was waiting for her dad, who offended her by beating her for no just cause, to call her. The dad never did. It was only her mom who bothered to call and often sends her money. .
According to Chidinma, she said to Umar that she was 21. She added: “He asked me my age. I didn’t want to tell him my real age. If I tell him my real age, he would see me as a little girl. I told him I was 21. I ran away from home out of frustration. I ran away from home last year. I was 17. .
I was in Senior Secondary Class (SS2). I don’t know why the police arrested Idris. He hasn’t done anything wrong. He didn’t rape me. I gave myself to him. I knew what I was doing. He didn’t force or took advantage of me. In fact, he assisted me.” .
Chidinma had just been paid N50,000 for a concert she did for a company, with the money, she ran to Lagos and lodged at a hotel for a week and two days, it was within this period that she met Umar in saloon where she used to go for nail fixing. They fell in love and she moved in with him.
An unperturbed Umar, said: “I love Chidinma and I don’t want to look elsewhere. She’s my first love and lover. I love her. I’m ready for marriage. I’m soon going into the music industry; I don’t want women to start chasing and disturbing me after I have made it in music. .
That’s why I want to marry early. If I get into music now, everyone will love me. I wouldn’t know which one has genuine love for me. So, I need to marry now. And Chidinma is my first love."

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