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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prophet Launches Anointed Soap That Lures Men & Brings Back Lost Lovers

A Man of God claims to have anointed soaps for his female followers which enables them to lure men into love relationships.

Zimbabwean based, Tapiwa Freddy of Goodness and Mercy Ministries officially unveiled the anointed soaps to his congregants last Friday.
The self styled Prophet claimed among other things that the soap was capable of, it can also lure lost lovers.
The prophet declared during a service, “All married women your prayers have been heard,if your husband is cheating on you and even if he has lost interest in you sexually your anointed soap is the answer.”
“All you have to do is wash your underwear with that soap or simply bath yourself,make sure the soap passes where he has lost interest and you will definitely come back with a testimony.
“To the singles if you are unlucky in love,anointed soap is the answer,you will find men approaching you,they will see you attractive and beautiful.
“Ugly women will be married this season because of what God will be doing through anointed soaps, ” he said.

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