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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fuel Attendant narrates how he slept with a lady 4 good times because of 10Liters of Fuel

 A guy took to Instagram to share a story of how he slept with a lady because of 10 liters of fuel.

He wrote

I want to share my story and I think it will teach ladies a big lesson .

My name is Chima, am a graduate of university of Lagos , but due to no job, I decided to pick the job offer of a fuel attendant . The work was ok, at least I get tips and could pay my bills, I was still applying in other companies pending on when they respond . 

I use too like this beautiful gal on the next street who worked as a cashier in bank , I asked her out and she insulted me and said I can't date her level , hummm(cashier in the bank ). I kept on chasing her cause I really liked her , but she kept running , I chased her for 2years and gave up when she poured saliva on me . 

As life will have it , I got a call 2days ago from a strange no, and it was Chioma, I was shocked cause I never knew she had my number , then she greeted and told me how she saw me in her dream, that she was still dreaming of me when her generator went off and the heat woke her up, then she decided to call me . I was so very excited , and was about to ask her out for lunch when she stated her mission .

Chima I need fuel, can u help me, heat wants to kill me and I can't even drive to work . I smiled and asked her to come over to my house with her gallon and car .
She drove to my house and I offered her malt , I pretended like I made a call, and told her to wait , until my manager leaves the office so I can take her to the filing station and give her fuel . 

Then she relaxed . I started touching her boobs, but noticed she did not object, then I went under her skirt and started fingering her , I noticed she did not object , so I pushed her to the bed and f..ked her like a slut . When I was done I took my bath, and pretended like I made another call ( guy how far, manager don go? Ok ok tell me when him go , I wan give my girl fuel ) . So I told her to be patience, so she relaxed and I took 2nd round on , she slept off. When it was evening I woke her up and f..ked her the 3rd time b4 we left for the filing station .

 I was still pressing her b00bs as she was driving .
We drove In her car , since I was on evening duty ,on as we got to my office , I asked her to pack by the corner because of the long line, so she did . I just called one guy selling black market to give her 10 liters in her gallon . When he was done I asked him to meet me later so I can sell to him inside . He was so excited and thanked me .
The next thing , Chioma called and asked me , Chima is that all? What about my car ? I replied to her , haaaa you said u were dreaming of me, so use the 10liters and go back to your dream . 

To my surprise she held me on my shirt and asked me to pay her , lol , I asked for what , then she said I f..ked her 4 times which is 40liters . She started shouting and peopled gathered and started laughing at her , then out of shame she entered her car and drove off .
Am not proud of what I did but women must note that men are not fools . We can also play the game . Am a fuel attendant and am proud of my job .. 

Nobody is useless

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