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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

7 Location Where Men Can Get Wife Material In Nigeria

Before I go ahead with my post, i must state emphatically that women are women.
So meeting her in any of the place listed below is not a guarantee that she is going to make a good wife......

1.The food market: You will likely see ladies who are well groomed in kitchen affairs in the food market especially in the section where great experience is needed in deciphering good food items from bad ones and of-course a lady who understands how to stock the kitchen will have a good idea of how to make good meals and the way to a man’s heart stil remains through his stomach.

2.Catering Schools
: Trust me,most ladies in catering schools are definitely interested in learning the kitchen tricks and i can’t stress it enough that a lady who knows how to cook very well will definitely make her husband happy.

3.The mid-week religious gathering
: Yes you will be wondering why i chose the mid-week. The truth is that any lady can go to church on Sundays or to jumait service on Fridays but it takes a lady who is really close to GOD or have the love for GOD to go to religious gathering during the week when she can as well be at home watching telemudo and a lady who loves GOD will surely love her family.
4.Marriage classes : Make no mistake about this,a single lady attending marriage classes is definitely interested in making her future marriage secured and when you find any single and searching lady in this meeting please go for her and you will most likely never regret it.
5.BRT BUS TERMINAL: I know this will come as a surprise to many people but it may interest you that waiting to get into a BRT bus most times requires lots of patience and a lady who can be patient enough to wait in line for a BRT bus to show up will most likely be patient with her hubby through trying times lol!
6.Mama put joint:Yes very very funny but think about it.Many ladies prefer the effizy of going to big time fast food joints just to form butty and would rather prefer to eat pizza in these restaurants whereas the worms in their belly are yearning for good amala with gbegiri and ewedu soup with choice meat or any decent meal.So if you see a lady in mama put restaurant innocently swallowing her amala please pay attention to her because she is likely to be a down to heart zero-effizy and humble lady which are good qualities of a wife material.
7.Her work place: Definitely ladies who have groomed themselves to be financially independent and busy doing one thing or the other rather than jumping from one place to another with different guys are likely suitable as wife materials.

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