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Sunday, June 12, 2016

6 Yoruba Words You’ll Need To Survive In Lagos

Lagos has become home to people from various tribes in the country – the Igbos, the Hausas, the Tivs and a lot of them.

Part of the reasons people come to live in Lagos is because it’s the commercial capital of the country and as thus, there’s a lot of business going on. But truly, how do you do business if you can’t get about in the local language which is Yoruba? Here are a few Yoruba words that will help you whenever you’re stuck in Lagos.

1. E kàárọ̀/E kaasán

E kàárọ̀ is the Yoruba word for ‘Good Morning’ while E kaasán is for ‘Good afternoon’. Throw that in when you’re at the office with the cleaner instead of the regular ‘Good Morning’

2. O wa

In a Lagos bus and the bus conductor calls your bus stop? Your response should be “O wa”. Else, the bus will drive past and you can’t do anything.

3. E fun mi fisi

You know how you walk into a local buka and you’re not satisfied with the amount of food they’ve given you? “E fun mi fisi” is the magic word. Say it and keep a smile and small portions will be added to your plate

4. Ẹ ṣé

Ẹ ṣé is Yoruba for ‘thank you’. So when you need to show gratitude to someone for a favour, pop in this word

5. E joor

E joor is Yoruba for ‘please’. So when you get into trouble and need someone to help out, say “e joor” and who knows?

6. Bẹẹ ni/Bẹẹ kọ

Bẹẹ ni means “yes” in Yoruba while Bẹẹ kọ means “no”. Would be really helpful if you have to go to any market in Lagos

What other Yoruba words will you teach a visitor to Lagos?

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