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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day-old baby found dead in Ekiti River

A  day old baby was found dead on Saturday morning in a river along Ijigbo/Atikankan junction in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Some residents and shop owners around the area rained curses on the mother of the baby, whose body was dumped with its placenta had already swollen at the time.
Residents and shop owners in the area said the baby must have been killed by the mother before dumping him in the river at night.
A resident, who refused to give her name said the “wicked woman” must be one of the prostitutes in the town.
“Nobody knows what this baby would have become tomorrow. Even the woman that did this never knew the consequences of her action. In a situation where some women are crying to God to bless them with a child, here another gave birth to such a handsome baby boy and dumped him inside the river. What a sad situation!”
An eyewitness said the incident caused a gridlock along the busy Ijigbo/Irona market road as a crowd had gathered at the scene.
Policemen later got to the scene and took the remains of the baby away.

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