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Sunday, July 24, 2016

FUTO Undergraduate Disgraced For Stealing A Phone (Photos)

Read Story Below as Shared On Nairaland:

So we've been having blackout for more than 2weeks in eziobodo futo road here and for this past 2weeks students have been charging their devices in barbing saloon, bet shops etc and the high rate of phone theft is increasing everyday. So today I just jelely carried my phone and power bank to go charge in one bet9ja shop near my lodge, I've been charging for almost an hour when I started hearing "kpoa" "kpoa" omo I think say na play then I heard another one, and another one again, that was when we noticed it wasn't a joke anymore so I rushed to the scene and started doing amebo and according to what I heard

He stole the phone this morning, then later this afternoon he took the same phone after wiping it and wanted to sell it for 7k to one guy without knowing that the guy he wanted to sell it to was the roommate of the original owner of the phone, so being a sharp guy he noticed that the phone was his roommate's so he started negotiating with him and the agreed 5k, the he told him to meet him at the bet9ja shop, the same place he stole the phone. So immediately he called his roommate in his smaller phone and told him to bring some vigilante to the bet9ja shop and that's where they caught him, and started beating him up but fortunately for him some man'o'war boys were around and came to his rescue and was later taken to their custody, or camp, or prison, or whatever they call it, but sha he was told to swim in a big puddle cus it rained heavily in eziobodo today

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