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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Goodnews: 5 new methods to prevent Hiv/Aids after having unprotected sex

HIV is merciless, and it kills people all over the world. Can you prevent getting infected with this deadly virus?
If you got no condom, these methods would keep you safe.

Now, one of the major ways of transmitting HIV remains sexual intercourse. It gets passed on from one person to another while making love. Thus, all these methods of disease prevention are connected to the hygiene in your interpersonal relationship. 


Since God ordained marriage, He makes it safe. If both spouses stay faithful to their Lord and each other, they are protected from STDs. So, actually, marital loyalty can save your life! 

Abstain from sex 

The use of condom cuts down your chances of catching the diseases by 85-90 percent. But abstinence completely eliminates all possibilities of losing your life to HIV. And, by the way, Bible also tells us to have no sexual intercourse before the wedding. If both of you remain virgin or at least do the HIV tests before the wedding and have sex only in marriage, you are safe.

Be careful who you sleep with 

All these butterflies in the belly and fire in your blood, they move you to make poor decisions as to your partners. Passion is the worst advisor in these matters. HIV is still epidemic in Africa and other regions of the world. Think well before you get engaged with a new date in that way! 

Do a test 

Instead of living in fear and guessing, just do a quick test on HIV. It takes only three days to get the results. If doctors have any doubts, you may then do another test that takes a month to complete and know for sure. 

Do not hesitate to ask 

Yes, it’s so unromantic, but life is more precious than romance. Just ask your partner-to-be of when they have done the HIV test or other STD tests. Ask them to show you the results. If they refuse to do so, it should get you alarmed.

Finally, get armed with the right information on this lethal disease.  There are no safe ways to have sex and eliminate the chance of getting infected. All types of this kind of activities equally put you to danger, if you do them with an infected partner. So, be wise and enjoy the gift of life given to you by God.


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