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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Woman returns money mistakenly transfered into her bank account

The woman pictured here Aderonle Ibiam returned the money that was mistakenly transferred to her bank account. According to a Facebook user, Afikpo Omoloma, she decided to send some money, via online to Aderonke but mistakenly pressed more zeros than she had intended...
"Then feeling good I said let me surprise other people and send something small to them, my people, it tells me insufficient balance. I shout, I look at my last transaction I shout more...Mind you I DO NOT KNOW THIS WOMAN I made this expensive mistake on. Jesus hahahahahaha. I just inboxed her. No reply yet. Na only God will help me if she will return my mula back. "
In a later update she revealed that the woman has returned the money. 
"Humanity is beautiful...This is the lady I posted about yesterday. She returned the money minus the amount I intended to wire to her. Her name is Ibiam Aderoke I just asked her if she is Igbo or Yoruba, going by her name, she said she is from Osun state and her hubby from Unwana, Ebonyi state. Dear Mrs Ibiam, you are just so wonderful. You have made a friend and a sister for life. This is just the start of a beautiful relationship. Consider me family. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your quick action. Say me HI to Mr Ibiam and the kids." Again, thank you."


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