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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Don’t be deceived, we’ll soon actualize Biafra, MASSOB tells VON D-G

Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Ralph Uwazuruike faction, has berated the Director General of the Voice of Nigeria, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, over his recent comment that Biafra is no longer feasible, and urged him not to be deceived as the actualization of an independent state of Biafra is near. 

In an interview with Vanguard in Aba, a member of the Elders’ Council of Biafra Independent Movement, BIM, Comrade Larry Odinma, reminded the VON DG, that the struggle to actualize Biafra had gone past a stage where anybody or group no matter the status, can abort it, adding that the people of the former Eastern region are determined to liberate themselves from what he described as slavery and marginalization from the Nigerian government.

Odinma warned that if there was a time Biafra wasn’t feasible, the current realities in Buhari’s administration has given much hope that Biafra’s actualization is only a matter of time. 

“MASSOB/BIM wishes to remind the likes of Osita Okechukwu not to be deceived by his current position where he heads the least parastatal in the information ministry and the crumb he gets from his master’s table. People like Osita Okechukwu are what the Igbo refer to as  ‘efulefu’.   Biafra people are tired of marginalization by the Nigeria government. Does Okechukwu reckon that Buhari’s government had killed more Biafrans than any administration in Nigeria? 

“Does Osita Okechukwu know that Ndigbo are endangered specie in Nigeria? It is clear that since Buhari came to power, the struggle to actualize Biafra has continued to gain widespread support from all corners of the world. Buhari’s administration is fueling Biafra; Osita Okechukwu is just pretending that he doesn’t know that Biafra is at hand. We are closer to the Promised Land; Biafra will be actualized through our non violent strategy.”

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