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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Exclusive interview with Queen Blessing Agbara the winner of face of loadedflex phase 1

Recently, an entertainment website Loadedfex held its first ever Face of Loadedflex and a winner emerged........


What’s your name? My name is Blessing Agbara

You are from which state? Abia state

Where are you schooling? Adeyemi college of education ondo, ondo state.

What department are you? History

Tell us about your family background? Am the last born of the family of 5, 2boys and 3girls

Why did you choose modeling? I choose modelling because I love fashion.

Apart from schooling and modeling,what do you do? Am a makeup artist and a singer

As a model is good to relax, so,If you want to relax,how do you relax? Lying down and not 
thinking of anything at that moment

How do you feel when the news got to you that you won FACE OF LOADEDFLEX contest? I was very happy when I heard that I won the competition

As the first Winner of FACE OF LOADEDFLEX, how do you feel? I feel privileged

Would you like to take modeling business as your life time career? Yes

Were will you like to be in the model industry in the next 5 years? I see my self at the top, probably miss Nigeria or the world

So, What’s your favorite color? Purple

What do you hate most? Lies

When you are sad or bored,what do makes you happy? Listen to music

What advise can you give to girls out there who are looking for this opportunity? I advise the ladies out there who wants to be a model and not opportuned not to give up. It will soon be your turn

Hmm…. Is there anyone you will like to show gratitude or appreciation to? I want to say thank you to God, my family and friends and Wolex for the support.

Thank you so much Queen Blessing Agbara for this opportunity. God bless you.

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