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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Harrysong Dumps Five Star Music, Starts His Own Music Label

Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his stage name Harrysong, has official left the Five Star Music Imprint to launch his own label named Alter Plate.

Harrysong shared the above  poster on his Instagram page, he didn't say what it was about but according to reports, it is his own music label.

According to a reliable source, Harrysong was unhappy with his contract and wanted out. Without informing Five Star, he started his own label.

A source close to the music label said he believes that the music label will take it up with Harrysong as they paid a lot of money to break his contract with his former music label, Kevin Luciano's Question Mark Records before they could even sign him and they have spent a lot of money on him and he still has contractual agreements with them until 2018.

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