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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bride gives birth to baby boy a day after marriage in Kano....and this happens

It was angst,  embarrassment and pains among Muslim Umma  in Kano State last week  as report had it that one of the brides in the state-sponsored mass-wedding,  Habiba Inusa, put to bed, a baby boy, the day after she was joined with her bride in matrimony.  This punctured the joy of the city dwellers .

The outrage by residents was normal in a highly religious society that abhors and detest pre-marital sex.

It was seen as a the scandal and left an open-ended question as to why such incident, under a strict religious body like Hisbah board, co-organisers of the ceremony, occurred without detection.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the bride, Habiba, allegedly concealed the pregnancy to her suitor during courtship period. 

However, Gangare residents  of Doguwa Local Government Area of the state and Kano Hisbah board, were stunned when Habiba Inusa went into labour a day after the wedding. 

In what appeared like a sizzling romantic series,  the new wife put to bed a bouncing baby boy to the utter embarrassment of the people, their culture and faith.

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