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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Suspected Female Kidnapper Escapes Lynching After Being Caught With Schoolboy In Lagos (Photos)

Nigerian police averted what would have been a tragic incident after a suspected female kidnapper was nearly burnt to death in Alagbado, Lagos.
According to facebook user Oluchux Nathaniel , she was caught with a schoolboy, probably keeping him hostage for an alleged negative intent, and the angry mob descended on her, put a tyre on her and only needed a matchstick to leave someone burning when the police intervened.

Happening now LIVE in my area, Kola(alagbado) Lagos. A female kidnapper caught with a child who happens to be a twin. The angry mob almost burnt her alive until the local police intervened.
Parents pls sound and resound to your children even as they go to school not to talk to strangers..
May God protect all our children as they go around

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