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Buhari not fighting corruption rather promoting it – Datti Baba-Ahmed

Buhari not fighting corruption rather promoting it - Datti Baba-Ahmed
Datti Baba-Ahmed

Dr Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed during an interview with Channels Tv disclosed that President Buhari has never fought corruption, rather he is encouraging it till today.

He went further to outline the ways (both administrative and legal) that corruption is being perpetrated on Nigerians.

According to him,
“…for all the years that Buhari has been fighting corruption, anything for him to even indicate that he understands how corruption is perpetrated in Nigeria. Very quickly i will tell you, there are seven different ways

“first one is inflated government contracts, which is responsible for anything between 55 – 65% of the quantum of corruption.

“the second one is unremitted Revenue.

“the third one is extortion, from the N50 collected on the roads to the multi million dollar deals done before anyone could meet the president.

“fourth one is conversion of public property into private

“fifth one is misuse of security vote, the way you had it before is still the way you have it today

“sixth one is wastefulness: Criminal wastefulness, anything you can create to spend money recklessly on include the reckless undue use of private jets and another instrument of government that is wasteful, it is corruption

“the seventh one is undue influence of fraternity and relationship, which we call influence peddling (man knows man)

Corruption does not perpetrate itself, there are ways that it happens

“in the meantime, there has not been any government in the history of Nigeria that has promoted corruption the way Buhari’s government has done”

Meanwhile, you can complete the YouTube video below to obtain his full message as he defines what corruption is and the way forward to the menace.

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