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How Much it Costs To Record a Song in Nigeria

Many people have asked me how much does it cost to record a song in Nigerian studios, my answer to the above question remains the same but vary from one person to another. As our individual wants in a particular song record differs, so do our preferences in choice of studio session or even a producer. Now, read through to understand how it all differs.

How Much it Costs To Record a Song in Nigeria A well equipped recording studio

It is always good to know how much a studio session will cost you so that you can plan before hand. The truth is that there is no fixed price that is laid down for sound recording, it all varies both with time and studios.

Variation may come in as some artistes these modern days love to produce their song by themselves (self-produced) while others prefer to visit studios.

In any case, let me list down the likely cost of producing songs per track so that you will be better informed before embarking on recording your track.

Let’s get to business

After you must have finished composing and writing your song, the next is to produce that song.

In every music production, whether you are visiting external studios or it is self-produced, there are about Four steps to go through before your song becomes finally made and worthy of being listened to. Each one of these steps requires money.

They are song: Ordering, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

Each one of them requires money to accomplish. And as you know, the cost of mastering a song alone is not the same with complete song production.

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Now let us look at each one of them and their likely cost

Song ordering

This is the arrangement or organization of different sections of your song into intro, hook, chorus, verse and others which are dependent on the kind of song an artiste is recording and equally the acts preferences too.

This section can cost from N50,000 – N15,000 per track depending on the studio.

Song recording

In some cases, song ordering takes place here too but it is actually out-of it. Song recording may be defined as the voicing out of your already composed song in the studio.

The cost of recording your song in Nigerian studios mmay range from N20,000 to N100,000 depending on the studio

You will have to make sure that the studio you are recording with has and make use of a decent mic(condenser) in a quiet acoustically treated (blankets count) environment, and audio interface all the same.

Song Mixing

Before you embark on mixing your songs, you may choose to do it yourself or seek the help of experts who are already in the business. Don’t forget that mixing songs yourself will cut cost for you.

It is recommended that you have a quality monitoring environment, as well as quality monitors (speakers) especially when you are going to mix an album yourself.

A typical mixing may cost you nothing less than N50,000 to N100,000

Song Mastering

Go for studios with so many mastering tools available. At the same time, engaging a talented master at home is also a step in the right direction.
A sound mastering may cost nothing less than yet another N100,000 per track.

Production conclusion

What i have just done above is the ideal cost of recording a quality sound in Nigeria. Going from the amounts i quoted above, one may begin to wonder if the price to pay for songs production in Nigeria is this costly.

But the truth is that, if in any case you are not financially buoyant, there are thousands of studios yet in Nigeria that can surprise you with even lower prices to do the same work of a different quality. So, the choice is yours to choose. Thanks for reading.

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