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Davido nearly killed by Gun Men in Osun State PDP rally

The activities of recent PDP rally in Osun State by Davido’s Uncle, Ademola Adeleke who is presently contesting and hence campaigning for the post of the next Governor of Osun State, has landed the singer into a serious attack while on the campaign grounds.

From the look of things, it is clear he was attacked while on the rally ground.

According to David’s recent post on tweeter @iam_Davido, he says “When u shoot at us next time, make sure u get aim! smh!”.

He did not forget to seize the opportunity to pass across a message to Osun State people, which reads: “Osun will be great”, “Osun we here”.

Fans show love to Davido.

Mammoth crowd hailing Davido during Osun PDP Campaign.

What’s your take? Do you think Davido has turned into a politician?

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