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King Monada – Malwedhe [lyrics]

Read the lyrics to the new talk of the town by King Monada in a well packaged song titled Malwedhe that is currently making people go crazy about the whole thing.

Some of the qoutable lyrics are as follows:

Chorus repeated Five times

Kena Le Bolwedhe bja go idibala (i have sickness of collapsing)
Wa nhlala kea idinala (if you break up with me, i collapse)

Continue reading Malwedhe lyrics on Youtube below.

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    1. Your Boy says:

      Nice drop this song make sense like mad keep it up bro

    2. Homeboy Alpha says:

      Nice drop bro keep it up the sky will be ur limit bro.
      The song wan kill me.

    3. Raymond says:

      Mad hit🔥🔥
      King modana all d way👐👐

    4. big man says:

      kul song bro keep it Up kk

    5. Etz Geoffrey Geopher says:

      This guy really drop a Dope Song

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