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Track-list for Robyn’s Honey album just released

Track-list for Robyn Honey album just released
Yesterday, 23rd September 2018, Robyn tweeted to inform us that she had something new and exciting to tell us.

Just about few seconds ago, she fulfilled her initial promise on Sunday by posting the video to the tracklist for her long awaited album, Honey. Remember Honey album took Robyn nothing less than Four good years to cook up, and now, she can’t wait to share the contents with you and i.

See Robyn’s tweets below

I´ve got a really exciting announcement tomorrow by the way…

This is the track list for the album. I’ve had it ready it ready for months, so strange how it came together even before or the songs were finished. Never had that happen before; more or less in the order that I wrote them. – @robynkonichiwa

Who is ready? Because i am.

Honey album tracklist

A. Missing U

B. Human Being ft. Zhala

C. Because It’s In The Music

D. Baby Forgive Me

E. Send To Robin Immediately

F. Honey

G. Between The Lines

H. Beach 2K20

I. Ever Again

The total number of songs equals Nine. It’s going to be an awesome release. For sure the official release date has not changed, it still remains Octobe 26, 2018.

Updated: September 24, 2018

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