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A “Rochas Hate” Should not Translate To “State Development Hate”

I stand against the destruction of monuments, sculptures, sepulchres, posthumous crafts built by the last government led by Okorocha Rochas.

A Rochas Hate Should not Translate To State Development Hate
Okorocha might have been the worse and less performing governor from your sole analysis but this shouldn’t in anyway amount to razing down the little he did.

Attacking those sightseeing structures won’t pay the backlog salaries, neither will it erect companies. The essence of leadership is to compliment weaknesses of predecessors and remain focused. If he had done so well in aesthetics and done little in erecting companies, the next government should mend the patch.

The court that granted the ruling to those civilians to claim their lands could have apportioned another land to them or give them a compensation value. We can’t grow by ‘restoring to default’ that which has been coded. All state agencies should sheath their swords.

While I commend Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha for astuteness gathered in his years in corporate, legislative and business leadership, I would admonish he cast deaf ears to politics of vendetta, politics of get back, politics of ntoor!. There’s so much we can generate from tourism if we can buy the sense of Donald Duke of Cross River.

We can strengthen the link of international relations and tourism by strengthening our tourist centres garnished with aesthetics, connect all units and make it more a ‘business’ than just ‘sightseeing’.

Bahamas of Florida rely so much on tourism to put food on the table of their citizens, countries like Seychelles nurture a tourism-driven economy. Our missteps can be remodeled to profitability.

A Rochas Hate Should not Translate To State Development Hate
For Eastern heartland;

Comr. Ohanwe Emmanuel. I.
Political analyst

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