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Why RUGA Settlement Is Not Entirely A Bad Idea – Opinion

Now that the case of RUGA settlement policy by M. Buhari and the Federal Government is receiving such a negative feedback because of trust, scepticism and more, read the way out for all Nigerians

Implementation of policies are strategic and all relevant stakeholders must be involved in planning and implementation. There’s more to meetup in the eyes of every successful policy. It’s beyond just developing a bill for passage.

Taking a course by @BritishCouncil at @FutureLearn on policy making, I have realised that you need to earn trust that is coated with a strong persuasive ability to have a general consensus on policies. You can’t just do away with the human factor in policy making.

RUGA Not Entirely A Bad Idea - Opinion
With the invent of a new policy by @MBuhari the @NGRPresident on RUGA settlement and the ferocious rebuttal from Nigerians reminds me of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and his NEW DEAL in the 1930s in USA.

The govt of Hoover that handed over to FDR believed in self-help and had a bitter loathe for socialist system of government & anything that takes its form. The Great Depression ever in history was recorded during this period in USA and the people lost faith in the govt of the day.

History recorded that 5000 banks collapsed because people withdrew their money for some traditional vaults and no longer banked with the banking institutions. They lost trust in the government. They were skeptical about everything that came from the government. FDR came with a new approach and was determined. He came with a new hope for the people, stating that “the only fear they had was the fear of self”. He came with a new kind of leadership, he came with the NEW DEAL. He gained the confidence of the people but the people refused to give their confidence to the systems that exist.

They separated FDR from the systems. They could hearken to FDR but not the system that made them suffer. So FDR closed all banks in US at the time. With a strong assurance to the people that his government is coming up with a more people-centric bank that would insure their loss.

FDR brought back same Banks with just few institutional changes. No new bank. This he could have done without closing the banks, but he had to take an approach that rekindles people’s trust for the banking system. They saw it like banks from the messiah, from FDR since they were closed and brought to life by him. He got their trust.


RUGA Not Entirely A Bad Idea - Opinion
Now the case of RUGA settlement policy by @MBuhari and the federal government is receiving such a negative feedback because of trust, scepticism. This is a policy that can take effect in any part of this world as a form of ranching where the pastorals have no hegemonistic historical tendencies, sadly, not compatible here. The deliberate silence by @MBuhari and his soft touch on the mischievous acts by this extraction, blame game, excision and subtle defence have made Nigerians inadvertently paint his image as a fulcrum to which this menace of a nightmare thrives.

“Fulani radio”, “Fulani security on the south”,
“Attack on Fulani is an attack on Nigerians”,
“They are Libyans”, “They’re from opposition parties”, “RUGA for all”… 
All these have had diverse interpretations by Nigerians due to the very inability to act when it mattered, with comparison to similar and less risky cases like IPOB which received immediate action.

Even when there might be some good intentions towards these policies, the people are always suspicious of the future implications. The trust is no more. The very first goof was the silence from @MBuhari. And really, no policy thrives without the “OK”of the people who’re at the receiving end.

“Settle and occupy”
“Get in and colonise”
“War and take charge”
“federal immunity”
And many more have been associated to this RUGA move. It’s true that even tho federal govt mapped out lands in each state, it’s within the discretion of the state governors to give out these lands. But who really wants to be seen as the enemy of the federal govt? Who wants to be in the black book of the almighty centre that have refused restructuring and dictates the fate of over 200m people? No one wants to be the bad odd egg.

In my opinion, since the people already lost faith and trust in polices from the govt, we can rethink RUGA. RUGA is not entirely bad. When ranches are littered all over the nation it encourages nomadic farming and that’s not the solution we seek. I propose we build a ranch that will compete with the world biggest creative ranches. It beats me that with the herders’s crises in this nation we don’t export by-products from cattle, we could leverage on tech to improve yield from animal husbandry. Government can accurately channel resources accurately to these cattles, veterinary clinics can he built, improved breeds made available, quality feed supplied, fight disease outbreak, we could track performance biannually and with data from herders we spot out devaluation of any sort and fix it accurately, have monitoring systems all over this singular huge ranch, sensors could tell us when they lack water and sun, sensors could predict disease outbreak and any impending implosion. They would be properly nourished, connected to ready markets, easily tracked etc. MACBAN – Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria should be handed a code of conduct that must be strictly adhered to.

Any herder outside this zone can be tagged “the enemy”. Enact policy that brings such to book.
This is the only way to go if we must prove to the people that we’ve got no ulterior motive as speculated.

RUGA settlement is Not Entirely A Bad Idea
I strongly suggest that since the federal govt informed us that bokoharam has been technically defeated, it’s a welcome development after years of being terrorized by these bandits, I find #SAMBISA a massive land that can compete with any ranch in the world. Sambisa could become the new Israel now that our military have eliminated all bandits as acclaimed by the govt. And in the event of few surviving bandits, the herders can send them to early graves with their military might and weaponry they intended to use in securing the Southern region.

We can’t have such a land as Sambisa laying fallow. Sambisa is 18x the size of Lagos, this tells how much of meat we can consume and export if we can make sambisa the world most creative ranches. I urge @MBuhari to get to work and hit this record. If we must take cattle rearing into the GDP contributors, Scattering ranches all over the nation won’t suffice for the simple reason of the populace scepticism, lack of trust and faith on the government, optimal rearing return, competing with world most biggest ranches.
SAMBISA IS A PERFECT RUGA. This is my proposition.

For the country;
Ohanae, Emmanuel. I.

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