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Reckless Mistakes made by Upcoming Artistes In Nigeria

Reckless Mistakes made by Upcoming Artistes In Nigeria
When it comes to making it big in the ever-growing Nigerian Music Industry, there are effective approaches to it that will yield better results for artistes who employ these kind of strategies.

Over the years, my experience in the show business has made me to admit that our artistes today do not blow because they are using the obsolete methods sold to them by their predecessors in music who may have used these same methods to succeed.

The truth is that the world is changing, and one has to be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. There are no shortcuts to hitting big time in the Music & Entertainment Scene, all that is required is hard work. Yes it is, but don’t get it twisted.

It is possible for one to be working so hard for years without any serious returns. That is called ineffective hardwork.

So, i could hear someone asking: how do i effectively work hard?

The answer to the above question is not far-fetched, as you have to channel your time, energy and other resources to workable break-even mediums.

Flow with me as i drop down the untold mistakes that most upcoming artistes make that has prevented them from earning deserved breakthroughs.

Pursuit for a Record Label

It sounds out-of-place, but it’s true. The truth is that, in as much as every one wants to be signed to at least one record label, you shouldn’t prioritize that.

Being signed to a Record Label helps artistes in ways like reducing the financial burden in running music and music productions, helping out in song composition and edition and some other welfare packages (especially when one is signed to big name record labels).

The mistake here is, most of the upcoming artistes in Nigeria wants to do anything to get signed to a label because they have seen others who were signed that made it.

Just like Bible according to Mathew 6:33 says,

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

As i mentioned above, the mistake artistes make is repeating exact steps taken by those who were in the business before them, and that has already spelt doom for a lot of people.

What you should do is think of how you can startup as an independent artiste, by first of all starting no matter how small to grow your fan base little by little, before you could know it, you’d already be trending in your locality.

In as much as you are talented, many record labels are looking and hunting for hardworking artistes to sign in to their labels, you can be hunt for if you start making commendable efforts independently. After all, need i remind you that talent without hard work is almost a waste.

Understand your Audience

Music in America is not the same with that in Nigeria. Being unique is good and it means more credits to your name or brand. But be mindful of your uniqueness.

The untold thing here is that you should study what works in Nigeria and give it a different shape or looks as regards to the kind of music you intend doing.

Some artistes make the mistake of importing American or European kind of songs to Nigeria, hoping they will break even. It doesn’t work that way. In Africa especially, people respond more to party jams or clubing pills than RnB kind of songs. Even if you wish to be singing Blues for example, present to them less of it or even give them the modified blues that is party friendly, otherwise they will think you are not serious or not yet ready.

Half Baked Music Production

Do you engage in wait and take kind of production? Or do you set for recording you songs when your compositions are not well-developed? Any which one of them is not to be practiced especially by serious and hardworking artistes that want to blow.

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After writing your song and putting everything thing in shape, before you set for recording the song, remember to test how good the song sounds to people’s hearing, let people criticize your song first.

The mistake most artiste make is hiding their songs lyrics, beat, etc from critics thinking that it’s not necessary or that it will lead to infringing their copyrights. As true as that maybe, get trusted music veterans in your locality to prove read your lyrics to know if they are set for production or not. By so doing, you have covered for that help any recording label would have rendered you independently.

The criticism am talking about here are healthy ones, and you shouldn’t forget that not all recommendations by critics must be implemented.

As for the kind of producer to choose, it is advisable to always go for talented music producers who understand your kind of songs and specialize in it. And who may have produced those kind of songs before.

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Relating with the Right People

There are people who you can relate with independently that will go a long way to catalyze the speed at which you climb to the climax. What do i mean, building relationships with these kind of people always takes you from one level to the next.

Who are these people? they are no other than your fellow musicians, DJ’s, Producers, Video directors, Media personnel, Bloggers, Show Promoters, Online Influencers, Makeup artists and what have you?

It is not a must that you will complete the list above, but a healthy relationship with the ones that are readily available, goes a long way to helping your singing or rapping career.

In Conclusion

Now you know what to do, do not waste your time again trying to impress any label so that they can sign you, but channel all you available resources in serving whatever you fans need as long as you can do it.

You will need money, no matter how small. Music is business after all, it requires Capital.

Promote your songs online and from time to time, remix or record a cover audio or video for any trending song (do not forget to send a copy to the copyright owner for evaluation).

Engage on social media, know what’s trending, tweet and retweet to get fans and follow top artistes in your niche.

These and many more techniques, will get people talking about you in no time from now

You can help others by dropping mistakes made by upcoming artiste that you know and possible ways of avoiding or correcting them. Alternatively, feel free to ask questions concerning anything you did not understand here. We are always here to help.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share!

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